Dating a biker chick

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Dating a biker chick

I’d like to ask you all to please support him through his Go Fund Me campaign.He wants to express his sincere gratitude for everyone who has chipped in and supported, and it’s incredibly helpful during this difficult time.They were firm and delicious and he rubbed his thumbs on her hard nipples as he squeezed the pale globes. Her anus spasmed and Dale released himself inside her, he spent his sperm deep in her ass, his cock pushing on her prostate eliciting deep and pleasurable sensations from the sensitive gland.That was enough to send Cassie over; she screamed as Dale triggered her orgasm. Cassie took herself in hand and stroked her cock as she ejaculated; her hot spunk spattered on Dale's chest. Cassie pulled off the short blonde wig she had worn as a disguise and Steve ripped off the salt 'n pepper wig he was wearing. "Shut up and lookout to make sure we aren't followed while I concentrate on driving," Cassie was driving at high speed to the arroyo where she had parked her BMW. I was on the tour and can verify that his accident was very real and very horrific. He is in good spirits and recovering, but he has a long way to go.He is unable to update the website until he is out of the hospital and returns home where his computer is.

They fucked like that, gradually increasing the pace. " Cassie was close to coming and she broke the kiss and sat upright, arching her back as she rode Dale's cock cowgirl style.

Cassie's makeup was smeared over her face from their wanton kissing and her hair was dishevelled but she still looked magnificent.

Dale reached up and popped open her blouse and extracted her pert titties from her bra. " she wailed, writhing above him as he hung on for the ride.

Dale drove himself deep inside Cassie and gripped her tightly by the waist as he emptied himself; Cassie squirmed and writhed, spraying the last of her issue, her head flung back in passion and release.

They both finished coming and Cassie fell forward, uncaring that she had smeared her semen on Dale's chest and her bosom; she kissed Dale hard, almost viciously, crushing her lips on his until her passion had been consumed and then she lay on top of him spent and exhausted. Dale woke up momentarily confused and then realised where he was and who he was with.

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