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I, Ivan Naidoo owner of No 5 Flatcrown Ave Heuweloord Centurion, my Bond is with SA HOMELOANS and my INSURANCE Recently my boundry wall collapsed due to thunder storm and high wind, I logged a claim with MY SERVICE PROVIDER-CL no 4274838 , the accessors came out and gave a report back to SA homeloans saying the wall was not built to specifications, I informed them that I have purchase the property as is after the bank came and evaluate the property. Hi my mother was admitted at Netcare rehabilitation center were she was admitted due to stroke and she was deaf by birth as i feel her rights were beeing humilated were as she was not treated unfairly were we being treated badly she was not attended to be given services she was surppose to be given in terms of physiotherapy side she was side lined it was so painful and stressfull were i had hopes that she was going to be given the best were my mother had stroke whiles she was in another...

On 08/01/2018 We have been scammed by Peugeot Isando amount of R5,403.60 and they did not do the job they billed us for.

Room had no telephones which was a safety risk for me.

With all the concerns that I had, I decided that we get an alternative hotel which was going to meet our basic requirements for a...

Today is the 12th of January 2018 and still i am waiting for my product to be delivered.

The staff still could not close the transaction and I ended up paying... My issue at this point is that I just change the employer and I don't have a payslip for my new employer but the letter of appointment with my annual salary.

As a platinum cardholder for nedbank you will assume they will try to assist you with the loan.

I paid with my card and the money reported on my phone.

The staff asked that I swipe the second time as they could not close the transaction on their side, which I did and another R105 was deducted in my account.

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I withdrew money at an atm in RINK STREET on the 14th of December, the card came out but the money did not come of the machine.