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It centers on the powerful Judge Harris Pernell, a hard-living, law-bending married man with a high-end call girl on the side who has a religious awakening and starts having visions and hearing voices through his ventilator-bound son that could be God speaking to him.

When aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold, he is shocked to instead find the dragon Drago (voiced by Academy-Award winner Ben Kingsley).

And then, just five episodes into Season 4, Jess met Ryan.

For a girl who has struggled so much with commitment (see: when she couldn't tell Paul she loved him in Season 1, when she balked at moving in with Ryan), she seems to find herself in monogamous relationships a lot.

Although Jess and Ryan (Julian Morris) resolved to make their long-distance relationship after he moved back to England for work, things hit a breaking point when Ryan couldn't make it to Jess' dad's wedding and Jess called it quits.STORY: ' Pretty Little Liars': Troian Bellisario on Spencer's Rock Bottom and the Mona Fight THR: What's next for Wren and Spencer now that they're more than friends? I would love to see how Spencer and Wren get along given the chance.Morris: What I think will happen is different than what I know will happen. They do have a good chemistry together and I'd love for the writers to explore that. In episode 23, we get to see a side of Wren that is quite cool. Morris: Without giving away too much, certainly a side of Wren I've never had the opportunity to play. When I read the script for the penultimate episode, I was like, "Wicked! THR: Was there a moment from the episode that you enjoyed filming or watching? One, seeing Wren and Spencer on a date which I've been yearning for, I've been wanting to see that happen for them for a long time.And second, the whole process behind how we filmed it.When I got to set, I was like, "Hell, it's like the West Village in New York right now." Of course we were in Burbank on the Warner Bros. The crew created this vibrant city with lights and restaurants, with an amazing background.

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[] First and foremost, in terms of his friendship and relationship with Spencer, he genuinely cares about her, certainly in the way I try to play him.

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