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Culturegrapher, Korea, 2006", "Topography of 20th Century Culture for Understanding Contemporary Culture.

Ahn Graphics, Korea, 2006", "Cultural Shift Hatter: Cody Choi 1986-2003, Paradise Media Press, Korea, 2003", “Cody Choi Fairwell to the 20th Century, Deitch Projects, New York, 1998"“How hard it is to digest one’s fellow men!

) that are the links and limits of our self-containment.

In “Variations of Technique in Different Neuroses,” psychoanalyst Ella Freeman Sharpe formulates obsession as unceasing engagement in the terms of a single phrase, justify my existence.

Choi’s career-long investigation turns on the symbolic weight, moral burden, cultural achievements and social costs of the “economic miracle” achieved in South Korea during the artist’s lifetime, beginning in the decade following the end of the Korean War in 1953. Welchman, 2017This is a conception of space that is territorial and not symbolic.

When I look at Cody Choi’s paintings I see the dark space of the army blankets as a territory in dispute, as the site of a war of cultures.

I would assume then that this is what the viewer on either side of the ocean will discern: that these paintings are views of an unstable world - a dyspeptic universe. Medium: Neon, LED Collage Size: 1243 x 1033 cm Year: 2016-17Venetian Rhapsody is the collage of neon images from Las Vegas Holiday Motel(shelter), Macau Golden Dragon Casino(money), St.

Instead Joy skipped the medium of hierarchy when he went straight to his computer and generated a tiger image, in a medium in which he at that time had the upper hand but which is, as medium, finally about a radical equality without criteria for judging otherwise.

In Choi’s process of working with this moment of first contact (through his young son) with the medium of database there remain, at the end, in the corner of completion, time and place for finishing touches and signature effects that still belong to recognizable art standards (of composition, ironic sensibility, or even taste).

His work up to this point of the digital frontier was preoccupied, obsessed with our relationship to all those bodily products, whether through excretion, indigestion, or sublimation, that we just have to let go.

It would not be an overstatement (nor is this intended as diagnosis) to assert that Choi’s work up to the digital divide was compulsively obsessed with stepping or rather not stepping on all the cracks (break your mother’s back!

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We must begin with what is brought to session – that is one of the material precepts of analysis.

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