Sexy lades web cams

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Sexy lades web cams

Anthony is the beast to Regina's beauty, he is cut, sniped and very laid back (check our verifications) he is a superb masseuse and can breath through his ears! We are not oil paintings (dont really know what that means!

) We are happy, funny and great fun to be with, in or out of the bedroom, hotel, club, kitchen, bathroom, hallway or lounge Oh and the jacuzzi.

She is a wonderful fellatrice and yes she can deep throat: She is no stick insect and no hippo either, she has curves, and lovely curves they are too !

so guys & girls, if thin ladies are your requirement then sorry we are not for you.

Fantastic hosts and lots of fun to boot..Hope to meet up again soon...x*ab trucker and her (39), Couple on 1 February 2015 by Meeting in person:we have met Ant & Reg socialy a few times now.

this is "not" a way of life for us, it's a "FUN" pastime. " on your profile it shouts "RACIST" true, you have a right to your own determination but if Black or Asian people message why dont you just say thanks but no thanks you are not what we are looking for? We are a very happily married mature couple who have been together for 37, years & married for 27 so we are "very" comfortable and secure in our relationship and our own skins; We are not agists, sexists, racist nor homophobic, we like anyone who is nice and non pushy and if you have Bi or Bi curious on your profile that's not a problem, we are ultra Kool with that; All we ask is that you have the same fun outlook as ourselves; While your body shape is not overly important to us (we are not that shallow) we do think that there has to be "some" physical attraction; your personality is tho, just as important to us.

they are in the main ugly things) Single ladies, we are always happy to take you clubbing with "NO" expectations other than you having a good time in good company. after the meal dancing Queens r us that's myself and Regina had a little trip around the dance floor..a special invite back to there hotel room was excepted by quite a few of us where the fun and games really started..

The following will get you blocked instantly, rude or filthy opening lines along with "how r youz" "wot u doin" or "wanna fuck"; If you cant string a sentence together please don't bother to make contact; We do not entertain at home, we have a son who still lives with us and we prefer to keep our private life away from our home, we will "not" do private meets at your home or our hotel until we have met socially, we prefer to meet at a club first, this sorts out the fake from the real and the fantasists from the doers, also, if we arrange a club meet and have invested in an hotel and you don't pitch, we have not wasted the evening. Ant you naughty boy you finally pinned me down for a play..loved it time lovelies mwah xxx*isherman Bill (61), Man on 21 December 2015 by Meeting in person: I have met this wonderful couple many times (socially) in many different situations, I can say they are the epitome of the lifestyle ALWAYS helpful to newcomers and always in the thick of the action - be that discussions games or other.

I can't wait until next time so I can get lucky again.

Regina was stunning as always, very sexy :) xx sandie xx*ploswells (66), Couple on 6 February 2015 by Meeting in person: Met this couple at their hotel for a drink, and then on to a club.

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Bestridant in awesome scarlet underwear, and ant wasn't so bad lol ! *ickawitch (49), Couple on 14 February 2015 by Meeting in person: Met this lovely couple last night at a friends party and loved every second of it.