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Note This set of documentation deals primarily with the IAM service.

To learn about getting started with AWS and using multiple services to solve a problem such as building and launching your first project, see the Getting Started Resource Center.

To make it easy for you to learn the ropes of MSAL and the new programing model, today we are also releasing three new samples: Are you excited yet? Now, I hope that all this talk about MSAL didn’t make you think that we are abandoning ADAL – we aren’t!

ADAL is and remains the main means you have to work with the original Azure AD and with ADFS, which aren’t supported by MSAL.

In this post, I will demonstrate how to use OWIN to load our creates one instance of the given type per request.

This way we only have Application User Manager and one Application Sign In Manager around for each request.

Please note that this does not mean that we are retiring the in-market, released versions of ADAL!

A group is a collection of users who have similar responsibilities. You will grant the Administrators group permission to access all your available AWS account resources. Here in the Identity Division we’re focusing more than ever on making developers successful on our identity platform.From enterprises to startups to hobbyists, whether the software you’re writing is for sale or for use by your team.NET core, but that part of the library should not be considered part of the imminent GA release. NET Core itself will reach GA, we will work on updating ADAL accordingly: but until now, you should treat any .NET core related features as preview quality, not eligible for production use.

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Another great advantage of the new model, improved protocol compliance, made it incompatible with our in-market versions of ADAL – which, as the name implies, are tailored to work exclusively with AD (Azure AD or ADFS).

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